Fričovce manor house


The Renaissance manor house in Fričovce dates from the years 1623 - 1630, has a rectangular floor plan, three-aisled with an adjacent park. The manor house was built by Valent Berthóty according to the plans of the builder Michal Sorger from Prešov. Figural and plant ornamental sgraffito was created by Martin Waxmann. The son of Valenta - Ján sold the manor to Ján Thereny at the beginning of the 18th century. However, the manor was bought back from him by his son Mikuláš Berthóty. His daughter Victoria married Baron Dominic Ghilláni and under the leadership of their son they rebuilt the manor around 1840. Until 1945, it was inhabited by the Ghillány family.


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