Greek Catholic wooden church of St. Luke


A unique wooden church in Brežany was built in 1727. It is dedicated to St. to the evangelist Luke. Initially, all the inhabitants of the village were Greek Catholics, but in the 50s most of them switched to the Western ceremony due to various Orthodox efforts. The church remained the property of the Greek Catholic Church, but until 2017 the Roman Catholic Church also used it for its ceremonies, as long as it built its own new church. From the construction point of view, the church building is three-part, three-place, one-tower with two crosses. The nave and the sanctuary have a log construction, a columned tower. The roof is in the shape of a pyramid. It is covered with shingles. The decorative three-armed cross mounted on the top is one of the most beautiful of all the temples of the eparchy. The entrance to the temple is from the west through the open hall. The nave and the sanctuary have horizontally laid beams. The gaps between the individual beams are grouted and bleached.


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