The „Gromadzyń” ski station


The „Gromadzyń” ski station in Ustrzyki Dolne is situated on a small hill Gromadzyń (655 m above sea level), located within the city limits. There is a 720 m long cableway on the north-eastern slope, equipped with 85 4-seater chairs with a capacity of 2000 people / h, 700 m long T-bar lifts and 300 and 200 m long plate lifts. slopes: 750 m with „FIS” approval for slalom, 800 and 900 m. The altitude difference is 164 m. The slopes are lit, snowed and groomed, and secured by ski rescuers. At the station there is a ski equipment rental with service and a ski and snowboard school. The nearby, comfortable base provides good accommodation conditions, as well as recreational and sports facilities, both in winter and summer. Two hiking trails and a bicycle path lead from Ustrzyki to the top.


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