The BWA SOKÓŁ Contemporary Art Gallery


The BWA SOKÓŁ Contemporary Art Gallery in Nowy Sącz has been housed in a modern building since 2010, located in the immediate vicinity of the SOKÓŁ Małopolska Cultural Center, with which it is connected by a glass link. There are two exhibition rooms with a total area of 400 m2, including the exhibition hall for them. Władysław Hasior – a citizen of Nowy Sącz, icons of contemporary art, sculptor, painter and set designer, as well as an exhibition room on the second floor, auditorium for them. Danuta Szaflarska for 227 people and teaching rooms. The building's windows are equipped with roller blinds, which allow for complete darkening of the rooms, and lamps arranged on busbars allow for diffusely or spot lighting of the exhibition. The gallery presents a variety of contemporary works by famous and outstanding artists, as well as representatives of the younger generation, covering such areas as painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video, intermedia installations, architecture, glass, performance and design. There are also art classes for teenagers and adults.


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60 min