The Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sącz


The Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sącz is a unique regional open-air museum, presenting wooden architecture and traditional folk culture of the historic Sądecczyzna. This region includes four ethnographic groups: Lachów Sądeckie, the western part of Pogórzany, Górali Sądeckie and Lemk Nadpopradzkie. In the area of the park, about 20 ha, there are 68 facilities, grouped in several groups. It is 9 multi-building peasant homesteads, 4 single-building homesteads, a 17th-century manor house, a manor farm, an 18th-century Lemko church, religious buildings, a fragment of the Carpathian Gypsies settlement, loose-standing buildings of the rural industry (e.g. a blacksmith's shop, a windmill) and small architecture ( e.g. shrines, roadside crosses, apiaries). Most of the buildings have a permanent exhibition of residential, commercial and industrial interiors, chronologically, in terms of property and society. The knowledge about the culture of the region is also enriched by thematic ethnographic exhibitions: „Wedding Chamber” and the exhibition of Lemko mazurkas, as well as interior exhibitions, and the whole is complemented by the traditional character of greenery and farm surroundings.


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120 min