The Monument to the Revolutionary Deed or the Monument to the Revolutionary Struggle is a monument located in the very center of Rzeszów, and relating to the fights fought in the Rzeszów region. The originator of the construction of this facility was the First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' Party in Rzeszów  Władysław Kruczek, and the performer of the sculpture Nike and, on the other side, the monument of the face of a peasant, soldier and worker with the banner of the revolution, rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków  Marian Konieczny (creator of Nike in Warsaw). The first design works started in 1967, and the building was officially unveiled on May 1, 1974. The foundations of the monument consisted of several dozen reinforced concrete piles, about 10 m long. The laurel leaves consist of 37 pairs of reinforced concrete segments, each over 1 m high. Despite the avant-garde shape, which from the beginning aroused numerous controversies in public perception, the monument has survived to this day, supplemented only with the city coat of arms mounted on its top.


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