The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons in Rzeszów


The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons in Rzeszów is an extraordinary attraction for both children and adults, and at the same time the only facility of this type in Poland, devoted to the history of animation and bedtime stories. It was established in 2008 and officially opened in 2009, and it consists of exhibits from the collection of Wojciech Jama. In this unique place you can see all kinds of items related to the popular bedtime. Among them there are exhibits from the production of animated films: original film dolls, projects, scripts, animation films, as well as everyday objects decorated with images of fairy-tale heroes: incl. toys, books, posters, tags, food packaging, cosmetics, often with original content. The pride of the collection are original dolls from the films „Teddy Bear Colargol”, „Miś Uszatek”, „Plastic Diary”, „Pacyk's Colorful World”, „Maurycy and Hawranek”.


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60 min