Orthodox Church of St. Dymitro in Nowy Sącz


Orthodox Church of St. Dymitro in Nowy Sącz is a Greek Catholic church, which in the years 1783-1993 was located in the village of Czarne, then in 1993 it was demolished and moved to the Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sącz, and after the reconstruction carried out in 1996-2000 it serves as a museum and cult. The original temple was a typical wooden West Lemko church, for which Jakub Szwajcar made an iconostasis in 1893, it was rebuilt in 1893, and in the years 1893-1895 Jan and Paweł Bogdański made a polychrome and repainted iconostasis icons. In 1945 and 1947, almost the entire village was displaced, as a result of which the temple was abandoned and dilapidated. From April 2017, in connection with the creation in Nowy Sącz of the Orthodox pastoral point of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Orthodox services are also celebrated in the church. It is an orientated, wooden, three-part structure with a carcass construction: it has a rectangular chancel, a wider nave and a women's gallery surrounded by tower pillars.


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