The market square in Biecz


The market square in Biecz, located in the center of a town of exceptional historical, cultural and social importance, has a spatial and urban layout dating back to the Middle Ages. It owes its shape – an elongated ellipse – to the shape of the hill on which it is located. The Biecki market, occupying about 1/8 of the city, is the largest market in Poland in relation to the rest of the former city. The most important monuments here include, among others the town hall located in the central part of the market square with the 53 m tall town hall tower, which houses the Biecz Town and Commune Office, a complex of defensive walls built in the fourteenth century, which originally reached 1200 m, or the Church of Corpus Christi. Peter and St. Paul, one of the most valuable monuments of sacred architecture in Poland. Near the market square, in the north-eastern corner, there is a chapel of St. Florian, and around it there are many magnificent burgher houses.


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