The Monument to the 1st Transport of Prisoners to


The Monument to the 1st Transport of Prisoners to KL Auschwitz in Tarnów is located on the KL Auschwitz Prisoners Square, between Bóżnic and Dębowa Streets, in front of the mikveh in the former Jewish district and the ghetto established by the Germans during World War II. The object, by Otto Schier, was unveiled in 1975 to commemorate the first mass transport of Polish political prisoners to the Nazi concentration camp KL Auschwitz, and it stands in the place from which the Germans took a group of 753 people from Tarnów and the surrounding area on June 14, 1940 – finally to 728 Poles were loaded at the station. In 2008, the name of the camp „Oświęcim” on the monument was changed to „KL Auschwitz”. In 2015, this structure was restored and modified so that its form and content were consistent with the actual transport process in every detail. The whole complex was composed of fragments of cobblestones on which prisoners were walking, found during the modernization works of the railway line in Tarnów.


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