Aeroklub Podhalański w Nowym Targu


The Podhale Aero Club in Nowy Targ (Aeroklub Nowy Targ) is an association operating at the Nowy Targ airport since 2001, cultivating the Podhale aviation tradition, initiated by the Tatra Aero Club as early as 1957. The history of the airport itself dates back to 1930, when the County Committee of the Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Gas Defense League, with the financial support of the Provincial Committee, decided to build the first tourist airport in Poland. The Nowy Targ Aeroclub has 4 sections: glider, modeling, airplane and balloon, and it is also the organizer of the New Lottery Aviation Picnic. As the first aeroclub in Poland, it obtained a set of AOC certificates in the field of sightseeing flights by plane, glider, hot air balloon, and also has an AWC service certificate.


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