Orthodox church Protection of the Mother of God in


Greek Catholic Church of St. The Protection of the Mother of God in Owczary was erected in 1653, as evidenced by the date on the western portal of the nave, and currently serves as a Roman Catholic church. The building has a tower with an apparent chamber topped with a cupola, a western portal with a lintel cut into the so-called donkey's back, and the nave and presbytery are covered with a tent dome. Inside the temple, there is a polychrome from 1938 and a Baroque iconostasis from the 18th century. From the furnishings, two baroque side altars in the nave have survived to this day – on the south side with a large icon of St. Nicholas (from the beginning of the 18th century), and on the northern side with the icon of the Mother of God with the Child (19th century). The church, thanks to its uniqueness, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List in 2013.


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