The Museum of the Karwacjanów and Gładyszów Manor


The Museum of the Karwacjanów and Gładyszów Manor is a multi-branch museum based in Gorlice, whose main goal is to collect, store, conserve and make available the collected collections in the field of art, history of ethnography, architecture, as well as promoting the Gorlice Region. The institution consists of four departments: Art Gallery „Dwór Karwacjanów” in Gorlice, Open-air museum of the village of Pogórzańska im. prof. Roman Reinfuss in Szymbark, the Conference and Exhibition Center „Kasztel w Szymbark” and the Maziarska Farm in Łoś together with the Church in Bartno. In the stone cellars of the museum, located at Wróblewskiego Street, there is a stylish cafe, and on the upper floors, there are several cozy hotel rooms, as well as a large exhibition hall of Fr. Bronisław Świeykowski (receivership mayor of Gorlice) and the smaller one prof. Włodzimierz Kunz (former rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Honorary Citizen of Gorlice). In front of the building, you can admire the monument of the founder of Gorlice – Dersław I Karwacjan.


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